Over the past few months, gas prices have continued to scale unprecedented heights. Although global oil prices have slipped as of recent news, the prices are still volatile and can continue fluctuate in the future. As a result, more and more people are now looking for ways to help reduce their fuel expenditures. Some resort to giving up driving to work or for leisure by walking or cycling instead. Others decide to give up their vehicle for sale. There are also those who turn to alternative fuels that can replace gasoline and diesel.

There are now several options for alternative fuels today such as hydrogen, ethanol, hybrid technology, electric cars and more. Compressed natural gas or CNG is one alternative fuel that appears to be a viable alternative to gasoline. CNG is cheaper than petroleum-based fuels, is cleaner and more eco-friendly and is more readily available compared to other technologies such as hydrogen fuel cell.

There are two ways to enjoy the benefits of natural gas: purchasing a natural gas vehicle or NGV and retrofitting an existing vehicle with a natural gas conversion kit. However, there is only one NGV model available to the general public – the limited availability Honda Civic GX. The Civic GX is the CNG-powered version of Honda’s popular Civic sedan with production limited to about 1,100 units every year.

Because of the limited availability of the Civic GX, the other more doable option is to retrofit an existing vehicle with a natural gas conversion system so that it can run using CNG. Fortunately, most gasoline-powered vehicles from pickup trucks to SUVs to small cars can be retrofitted with CNG conversion kits. Natural gas conversion can be a complex process but is actually quite do-able. However it is best to leave natural gas conversion procedure to the experts. Fortunately, there are now several companies offering natural gas conversion products and services to the public. One such company is CNG United. They offer natural gas conversion for private vehicles as well as for business and organizations with fleets of various sizes.

CNG United is the proud exclusive distributor of Auto Gaz Centrum systems. CNG United installs top of the line CNG conversion kits that do not alter the vehicles existing fuel injection system. With a new CNG conversion kit in place, the vehicle can run on gasoline or CNG with the flip of a switch.