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Whether you are a small automotive business wanting to offer CNG conversion installations or a head mechanic of a large fleet, CNG United provides you the tools, information, and the supplies needed to hit the ground running! Our classes are designed to give you the hands on familiarity, knowledge, and confidence to successfully install CNG systems on your own.

This course offers the latest most current information and is nationally recognized, providing you the highest level of certification!

The first half of class

  • You will learn how to inspect high pressure cylinders, about the cylinder parts, materials, methods of construction, valves, PRD’s, strengths and weakness, cylinder de-fueling, when and why procedures & safety practices. In addition you will learn fuel storage and other fuel system components of CNG vehicles.

The second half of the course

  • You will see, touch and feel the conversion kit systems and tanks. Understand the various types of kits, both aspirated and sequential port injection. You will study high pressure lines and learn kit installation from start to finish, including tricks of the trade and the various tools needed to install and repair a CNG system. This improved, expanded program will surpass your highest level of expectations. This course teaches and follows the strict codes of International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

CNG United shares your enthusiasm of learning more and becoming a leader in cleaner burning, cost effective, and alternative fuels. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring your success with professionalism and follow through. We are excited to see you there. Remember seating is limited to just 30 students.

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Success Stories

quote-top“CNG United gave me real life information and came through with 5 stars!”

– Former student Louiequote-bot

quote-topOriginally I thought this class was going to be a shuffle in and out class. I had no idea there was so much to learn. CNG United spent time to make sure I got it. Thank you CNG United-You guys did it right! quote-bot

– Former student Glen



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