How Much Does it Cost to Convert a Vehicle(s)

1. What is the installation costs? I assume your company would have to install the first kit(s)?

Answer: We work with 100’s of CNG technicians across the country and I can say installation labor “averages” roughly $1500 per vehicle. There are however, compensating pricing factors such as type of vehicle, tank location, number of tanks per vehicle and number of vehicles. Installation becomes more time consuming when installing a CNG tank in the truck of a car as compared to installing a CNG tank in the bed of a truck. Also, more vehicles can cause the overall cost to reduce due to volume.  We can certainly make arrangements to have a CNG Tech Team go to your location to conduct the first few vehicles and train your technicians. Flights, lodging, food allowance and per diem for the technicians can be added into the overall pricing.

2. How much downtime or installation time is required?

Answer: Utilizing a two man team, typically one technician can start in the engine area and the 2nd technician can start installing the CNG tanks and running
the high pressure lines toward the engine. Figure 2 days per vehicle and slightly more if light fabrication is required or the vehicle takes a bit longer
thank normal to tune/calibrate on CNG.

3. Is there a warranty?

Answer: All of our CNG systems have a 90 day Manufactures Warranty. When installing, the process ends when the vehicle is finely tuned to run on CNG. If any component was faulty, we would know it at that time and replace.

4. Are the CNG tanks meant for a rack behind the cab or saddle?

Answer: The choice is yours. We want to place the tanks in the best location, while keeping true to the vehicle utility and at the same time ensuring the tanks are securely mounted and safe from impact. I would like to see photos of the exact vehicles to see where the best tank location would be.