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CNG United is currently offering 7 national locations for your CNG Certified training program. Our training program is designed to not only train you from a “hands-on” perspective, but we teach you how to open your own CNG retrofit shop. Best way is to simply call us to discuss your training needs.  Our competent CNG Sales Manager are ready to take your call and assist you.

Questions we would like to know about your CNG Conversion Needs:

Are you preparing to install CNG conversions systems in your customers’ vehicles?

Does your company have a fleet of vehicles that will need to be converted to run on CNG?

Do you want to learn more about CNG powered vehicles and CNG conversion systems?

CNG United offers convenient locations throughout the United States where you will learn how to safely and successfully install CNG conversions on Gasoline and/or Diesel engines and obtain the education required for your CSA Tank Inspection Certification.

CNG United has been training automotive technicians and entrepreneurial individuals since 2007. We now have more than 450 students who have successfully graduated from the CNG United CNG Training Program and have become Certified CNG Installation technicians. Ready to learn more?  Our number: 949-234-7255

CNG Safety Training Overview

Equally important is our focus on CNG Safety and Education. CNG United is very proud to be the original developer of our Comprehensive 5 Step Certified Installation Training Course that provides you with the opportunity to earn not just 1, but 2 separate CNG certifications, including:

1) CNG conversion system installations, and

2) CNG tank inspections.

Over the years, CNG United has updated and adjusted our CNG training curriculum to not only follow the most current and up-to-date safety rules and regulations, but to also update our cutting edge CNG training program to include a “hands on” real-life approach to your CNG training experience.

If you are interested in registering for one of our CNG training courses in your area, click here

During class you will physically take part in:

  • Installing CNG components in the engine compartment

  • Running high pressure fuel lines

  • Placing CNG high pressure tanks

  • Performing vehicle programming and calibration to ensure that your newly converted CNG vehicle runs at factory performance levels!

Are you ready to obtain your installation certification?  Check out our available upcoming classes by clicking the following button

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