Hello, my name is Michael Laub! I can be available for your call.

Michael Laub, CEO of CNG United:

* Trained hundreds of automotive technician across the country and worldwide.
• Works with police department, military, government agencies on CNG conversions.
• School districts, Space X program, US Army Conversions
• Works on scientific projects with colleges.
• Cutting edge on prototyping of CNG applications.
• Bottom line.. Michael Laub is a wealth of knowledge! Just ask for him!

Michael Laub - President of CNG United

I look forward to helping you make the right purchase! Ready? Contact me via the pop up below and set up an appt. now!

• Free Shipping
• Packages: Brackets, Valves, PRD(s).. All Certified!
• All Cylinders are USDOT FMVSS 304 and NGV-2 compliant certified.
• Tanks tested to the highest standards.
• 20 year Service life!
• Custom sizes with minimum order. Call for Details
• See our Packages for valve, brackets and shipping included.
• High Quality Valves (manual and electric)
• Brackets: Neoprene Liner to protect cylinder from abrasion. Meets the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Vehicular Gaseous Fuel Systems Code. 10 Year limited warranty.
◦ Note:  Torque cylinder bolts/nuts  – 26 ft-lbs.

Type 1 Tanks

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Type 2 Tanks

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Type 3 Tanks

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Type 4 Tanks

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