Over 10 years of US research and development on today’s high horse power/ high consumption engines, such as Ford, Chevy and Dodge vehicles.  Note: Not all CNG conversion systems are created equal! Most online conversion kits are imported from Europe and South America and  are designed for their small liter, low horse power European and South American engines.   To install a basic “online conversion system” on your rig,  you’ll be setting yourself up for lack luster performance!

In contrast, with over 10 year of research and development, here is the US, our conversion systems are designed to keep up with your large horsepower/large liter, high performance engines.  Call us now to discuss your vehicle: 949-234-7255.

Why CNG United AGC systems?

  1. State-of-the-Art components: Hermetically sealed / Heat resistant, water tight ECU (Electronic Control Unit).
  2. High Flow rate, 2 stage fuel pressure reducer/regulator: When applying the pedal, your engine will not be starved of CNG fuel.
  3. High Flow rate, CNG fuel injectors: No springs!  12 volt pulse to open and close allowing faster fuel delivery to your combustion chamber.
  4. Calibration Tuning software:  Second to none! Auto calibration capability. Let the software tune the vehicle.  Unlimited Calibration possibilities for any driving conditions.

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Here is a video overview of our CNG Kits.  Truly the top-of-the-line CNG kits.  Please view and read on!

CNG Kits for Sale

Question: Should You and/or Your Company / Municipality Convert Your Car(s) to Natural Gas?

CNG kits are one of the most viable alternative fuel technologies today and there are various types of CNG Kits to choose from. Let’s break down what you should consider when purchasing your CNG kits.

Overview on CNG Kits:

Currently, there are two types of CNG fuel systems available. One is the dedicated vehicles or conversion that runs solely on CNG. Then there is Bi-fuel that can run on either gasoline/diesel or CNG. (Helpful link to search for the lowest gas prices) The latter is the focus of CNG United. We can assist you with discounted CNG kit prices based on your level of certification with us, but we also train you and your team on building a new business of CNG installations.

To complete your order, you will need view our CNG tanks.