What You Need to Know About CNG Conversion Systems for Vehicles


If you’re looking for a brand new factory CNG vehicle that runs on compressed natural gas, you will find that your choices are limited. In fact, although there are some new factory models of CNG powered pickup trucks coming into the market our options are limited.


Fortunately an attractive option exists. The process of converting an existing gas or diesel powered vehicle to run on natural gas much easier today, especially with the availability of our high quality CNG conversion systems. This means that you can easily switch to using less expensive CNG to power your vehicle. Install a high quality CNG conversion system from CNG United.

Our CNG conversion systems enable your gasoline-fueled engine to run on efficient and low cost CNG. Most all vehicles that run on gasoline or diesel today can be converted to also run on a CNG conversion system from CNG United.


The most “proven” CNG conversion system is  CNG United AGC systems. We focus on consistently improving our product and introducing new technology yearly. We offer exclusive top of the line “complete” conversion systems including reducers, injector rails, valves, gages and switches.

CNG United is the exclusive distributer for AutoGaz products, contact CNG United today and learn more about the savings and other benefits that you will receive converting your vehicle to CNG today!


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