Thank you for choosing CNG United for your CNG needs.

We respect your time and will work hard to earn your trust!

Looking for a replacement CNG refueling valve/nozzle?  Not a problem, CNG United stocks your NGV1 3600 PSI refueling valve with Bulk Head Assembly.

Looking to increase your CNG travel range by adding another CNG tank to your vehicle?  Coming right up! CNG United has all four (Type 1,2,3&4) CNG high pressure vessels. Including your tank neck valve with PRD (pressure relief device) and CNG tank Mounting Brackets.

High pressure tubing leak? Need fresh Front & Back Ferule Compression Fittings? – What size would you like?

Please feel free to contact us directly (949) 535-1940 – We are happy to assist you with any and ALL your CNG needs.

CNG, it’s what we do!

Team CNG United


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