The Advantage of CNG

The Advantages of CNG Conversion: The buzz over alternative fuels, especially CNG is steadily growing stronger as demand for cleaner, safer and less expensive fuel continues to rise. Because of the skyrocketing gasoline prices, more people are converting their existing vehicles with a new, fuel-efficient CNG conversion system.


Natural gas is available in two forms: Compressed Natural Gas or “CNG” and Liquefied Natural Gas or “LNG”.  If you are considering making the switch to CNG, you already realize the advantages, including:

  • CNG Kits and CNG Tanks
  • Vehicles that are converted to run on CNG are more cost-effective than gasoline powered vehicles. The cost of fueling with CNG can be as much as 50% lower than the price of a gallon of gasoline.
  • CNG is a cleaner burning fuel compared to gasoline which burns dirty.
  • Compared to gasoline, CNG reduces carbon monoxide emissions by as much as 90 to 97% and decreases nitrogen oxide emissions by 35 to 60%.
  • CNG emissions are 20-30% lower than emissions from gasoline powered engines.
  • CNG may also lower non-methane hydrocarbon emissions by as much as 50 to 70%.
  • CNG powered vehicles also produce fewer carcinogenic pollutants.
  • CNG is safer than gasoline.
  • CNG is a clean burning fuel.
  • Since natural gas is lighter than air, leaks dissipate into the atmosphere rapidly compared to gasoline that can leak and pool on the ground which creates a fire hazard.
  • CNG tanks are designed to release the CNG slowly so the CNG tank will not explode even if it is shot with a rifle.