Company Founder

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Michael Alexander Laub is the founder, president and CEO of CNG United. Mr. Laub has over 24 years of business ownership and experience to his credit. His solid judgment, persuasive communication, dedication and tireless work ethic have provided him skills needed in creating and maintaining a solid CNG organization that proudly services the United States and abroad.

Mr. Laub formed CNG United to establish a viable fuel option for the average American so that they could not only fuel their vehicles more economically but also to keep their U.S. dollars working here in the United States of America. As fuel prices started to climb back in August of 2008 the nation as a whole was frustrated and concerned with how to fulfill their livelihood as a family or business when a large amount of their income was going into their gas tanks. One day when traveling from California to Utah by car on business, Mr. Laub noticed that Utah had a statewide compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station network. From Utah Stateline to State line, one could fill their vehicles with Natural Gas at just $0.83 per gas gallon equivalent (gge) when at a time the price of gasoline was over $4.00 per gallon. This began the start of CNG United’s nationwide crusade! Since then, Mr. Laub has traveled the world speaking and educating fellow Americans, business fleet owners, colleges, technical schools and governmental agencies, the values and benefits of “Made In America Natural Gas”.

After founding his company, CNG United, Mr. Laub was concerned with the overall quality of the existing CNG conversion system products on the market. He found the current imported CNG conversion systems to be made from poor quality materials and made with poor manufacturing specifications. Our research exposed conversion systems to have CNG regulators fail as they could not withstand the U.S. standard 3600 psi, ECU components (system computer) manufactured too thin and flexible, resulting in vulnerability to engine heat, melting, moisture and ultimately system failure. In addition CNG United identified flaws in the calibration software (if any) to be lacking in both functionality and programmability.

Because of the issues prevalent in those “overseas” conversion systems, CNG United continued to search for the best-in-class CNG conversion system. The result is a stellar relationship with industry leaders and engineers to produce our World-Class CNG conversion systems and Installation Safety Training Programs. Our CNG systems are backed by an entire team of engineers that are consistently monitoring, testing and improving our systems with component upgrades and/or software advancements regularly. Our systems also have the technology to be monitored and tuned remotely from anywhere in the world.

Who is CNG United?

CNG United:

CNG United manages the conversion and refueling needs of governmental and private vehicles to run on Natural Gas. Providing project management to include but not limited to; installation educational material, certified technician training, packaging, supplying and delivering complete CNG conversion systems and accessories on time via a sophisticated Logistics team.  CNG United assists and advises through the entire CNG project ensuring quality and SAFE vehicle/fleet conversion.


CNG United is headquartered in Orange County, California providing compressed Natural Gas installation training, Gasoline to CNG conversion systems, Diesel to CNG conversion systems, CNG tanks and accessories. While our corporate offices and “main” training facility is located in Southern California, we are proud to have CNG auto technician training facilities located in SLC, Utah – Ford City, PA – Mustang, OK  and Tallahassee, FL. As a result of proven, thorough, step-by-step CNG installation training over the years, CNG United has become the recognized organization for Natural Gas education, conversion systems, refueling needs.

Our conversion systems

CNG United is proud to offer our exclusive line of AutoGaz  (AG) Centrum “Pro” CNG systems. AGC Pro multipoint sequential injection systems incorporates the most advanced injection control software available today. This exclusive calibration software allows the installing auto technician to individually program each vehicle to factory settings or customized to individual driving requirements. Our unique calibration software ensures simple, more user-friendly “fine tuning” that results in superior engine performance, increased fuel economy, longer engine life and reduced exhaust emissions.


Now more than ever, alternative fuels and the desire to be environmentally conscious are becoming the new trend. With the start of a new trend, CNG United has taken the national lead and responsibility to ensure that CNG conversions are preformed correctly, efficiently and safely. To achieve this goal, CNG United has developed and offers CNG installation conversioin training. CNG United is proud to have teamed with the Nations leaders in alternative fuels to create this nationally recognized CNG System Certification Training.


With our “Fleet” division, CNG United offers cleaner and more cost effective solutions to municipalities and big business. To help hedge against the rising cost of operation, our fleet division provides turnkey solutions to make your transition from Gasoline and Diesel to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).  CNG United can deliver affordable CNG solutions containing efficient and dependable options to meet today’s state and local mandates.  Whether the request is a new taxi cab fleet, police vehicles, shuttle vans or street sweepers, one car or fifty cars, CNG United professionally handles your CNG needs. You will have access to all of this.   

Why should someone patronize your company?

CNG United continues the push to improve our conversion systems, software and educational programs. Our long established relationship with our manufactures & engineers ensures thorough communication, state-of-the-art products and a seamless flow of shipping and receiving. CNG United and its management team offers many years of experience, product knowledge and solid industry connections to provide the best CNG solutions for you and your clients. CNG United is a company that recognizes the importance of teamwork, flexibility and strong trustworthy relationships and long-term partnerships with its clients. You can trust CNG United for quality installation, support and product management, which will allow you to move forward with your CNG project with confidence.

Business Opportunities

CNG United is a business that is poised for growth and is offering qualified individuals an opportunity to become a certified CNG United Distributor and/or CNG United certified installer. As a CNG United distributor/installer, the weight is lifted off your shoulders. You can concentrate on growing your business knowing you are supported by a sound company with a state-of-the-art infrastructure. CNG United will provide you with all the highest quality CNG conversion system products and supplies needed to deliver the best products and services to your customers. Finally, it is all taken care of! This is an opportunity to grow with us in what is going to be a lucrative and profitable venture, not to mention helping to create a cleaner environment for the future. Joining CNG United family gives you an opportunity to do something great for our country and yourself.

In order to deliver the best possible service to its valued clients, CNG United has taken the time to set up a very impressive “state-of-the-art” infrastructure. This system starts with our knowledgeable team of CNG service professionals who are excited to be part of our green movement. Our technology is key to move our business daily. Everything from customer inquiries, orders, communication and product tracking is all automated!   Via our state-of-the-art web site and information center, customers research information, learn the latest in technology and shop for CNG conversion systems and accessories conveniently. The use of technology allows our team to concentrate more on you, your customer service and continued product advancement.