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Working with Automotive Technicians, Fleet Managers, City Manager and Business Owners!


Trained over 450+ Automotive Technicians! Sign Up and Learn CNG Tanks and Kit Installations!


Buy and be trained on how to install a CNG Kit on your automobile!

CNG TANKS and CNG Conversion Kits

Gasoline CNG Conversion Systems
Diesel CNG Conversion Systems
Aspirated CNG Conversion Systems
CNG Conversion Kits Accessories

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CNG Kits, Tanks and Training at CNG United!

Are you an Automotive Technician, Fleet Manager, City Manager or Business Owner looking to implement a Natural Gas Conversion System for your  business or municipality? CNG United Safety Education Training CNG Program has trained 450+ Certified CNG Automotive Technicians across the United States!  CNG United has also completed Police Department CNG upgrades, Public transportation organizations such as Taxi cabs, Ambulances, Public Utility vehicles and more.  Please start with the following pages to learn about the CNG Conversion Process (The Advantages and Benefits of CNG). We provide the highest quality CNG Tanks, CNG Conversion Kits, CNG Parts and Accessories engineered with stringent Quality Control (QC) requirements and processes.

CNG Conversion Systems

This CNG system contains all under the hood components needed for a successful installation, instruction manual included.

Getting Started with the CNG Conversion Process

Interested in getting started? Let us help you understand the core basics of the CNG installation process Contact Us Now.  If you are converting your personal vehicle or a fleet of corporate vehicles, your CNG United team of professionals are here to assist you through the process. Please recognize not all CNG conversion kits are created equally. Product Quality Control (QC), calibration software, software upgrades, high flow CNG Fuel injectors and regulators are just some things you need to consider. Your new conversion kits will be matched to your specific engine type, engine size, cylinder count and horse power at the time of your purchase.

Parts and Accessories

CNG Conversion systems, Tanks/Cylinders, Parts & Accessories

CNG United is Just a Phone Call Away 949.234.7255

CNG United Safety and Education Training Program

CNG United has revolutionized CNG training by integrating both classroom and real life auto shop “hands-on” instruction. Complete your CNG Training, get certified and add new income opportunities for your business. Learn more about our CNG Training Courses.

Can any vehicle be converted to run on CNG?

Yes, our AG Zenit Pro Conversion Systems are compatible for most Gasoline and Diesel Engines. CNG United’s engineering team has devoted many years of  research and development to provide you the highest quality CNG conversion systems on the market today. Whether you drive a Sedan, SUV, Utility Truck or RV, our CNG conversions will save you money. CNG United offers turnkey solutions for all your alternative fuel needs. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

CNG Getting the Training Skills

CNG United is the auto technician’s  #1 source for CNG engine conversion systems, CNG components, CNG Tanks-Cylinders, CNG Accessories, Refueling Options and Technical Guidance. CNG United’s team of professionals are standing by to assist and are committed to guiding you every step of the way. We are proud to have paved the path with technologically advanced CNG conversion systems designed for today’s U.S. made, higher horse power, higher consuming engines utilizing the latest in state-of-the-art hardware and software.


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you through your entire CNG conversion process from start to finish. Our trained Administration Staff and Technicians ensure that your vehicle, engine size, type and driving habits are matched with compatible CNG systems components. Our attention to detail and personalized service deliver total satisfaction.

To learn how you too can benefit by having your vehicle converted, give us a call now (949) 234-7255. One of our Admin Staff will create an ROI analysis for  you to quickly see your fuel cost savings and return on investment.

CNG Gas Conversions

Compressed natural gas or CNG is now becoming the alternative fuel of choice for many Americans. Learn about our cng conversion kits. A report by the Natural Gas Vehicles for America reveals natural gas vehicles or NGVs in the country now number more than 120,000.

CNG Conversion Systems

Compressed natural gas is one of the most viable alternative fuel options today. Natural gas has been used as fuel in domestic households for many years but it hasn’t achieved mainstream use as fuel for automobiles.


CNG Training SessionAre you looking for a professional CNG training class? We have your answer!

CNG United has a CNG Training class at least once every month that shows you how to install compressed natural gas vehicles.


Natural gas also emits significantly lesser particulates at just 7 pounds per billion compared to 84 pounds per billion for gasoline.

CNG can potentially lower non-methane hydrocarbon emissions by as much as 50 to 70%. CNG vehicles also produce fewer carcinogenic pollutants.


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