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CNG conversion kits are one of the most viable alternative fuel options today. Natural gas has been used as fuel in domestic households for many years but it hasn’t achieved mainstream use as fuel for automobiles. So far, there is only one natural gas vehicle or NGV available to the general public, the Honda Civic GX. Unfortunately, the Civic GX is not readily accessible since it has a very limited production and availability. As an alternative to buying an NGV, car owners can also choose to convert an existing vehicle to run on CNG by retrofitting a CNG conversion kit. (Learn how to maintain your cng car / vehicle)

CNG Conversion

CNG kit is a set of components and tools that are installed in a vehicle so it can operate using both gasoline and CNGCNG kits usually come with parts such as regulator, high pressure tubing and fittings, pressure gauge, filling nozzle, hoses, hose clamps, closed loop fitting system, emulator, timing advance processor, fuel change over switch as well as the necessary wiring, straps and screws.

CNG Conversion Kits for Cars

The fuel change over switch allows the driver to switch from gasoline to CNG in just a flick of a button. CNG conversion kits usually do not include the CNG tank or cylinder as well as the cylinder valve. They are purchased separately from the CNG conversion kit….. CNG Kits

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